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How Good is Our Training and Support?

We’ve been helping people open franchised businesses for over three decades and after launching over 3,500 franchise locations, we know a good bit about training and supporting new franchise owners!

Once you decide Chem-Dry franchise ownership is right for you, you’ll attend a week of training at our headquarters in Logan, Utah. When you leave, you’ll have absorbed all the basics and received intensive, hands-on training from the best trainers using the best equipment in the industry.

Our franchise owners have plenty of help long after our initial training. For your first year of operations, you’ll have a new best friend: Charlie Erickson, our Quick Start coach and the most important person in your life for the next 12 months. (Aside from the wife and kids, of course. Well, maybe.) Charlie helps new franchisees adopt Chem-Dry best practices, helps reinforce the lessons learned in training, calms nerves when they get shaky and assists franchise owners in setting and achieving their benchmarks to ensure success.

If you need help, and if you want to maximize the resources Chem-Dry has set up for its franchise owners, Charlie’s the man to talk to (and at least at first, you’ll be talking with him a lot). You’ll be taking part in a one-on-one pre-training session that covers some of the basics such as setting up a corporation, business licenses, initial advertising, etc., frequent coaching calls with Charlie and other franchisees; personal coaching; and webinars designed to help new franchisees keep up to date on new ideas in the industry.

And the support doesn’t end there. Our operations staff, led by Ted Peterson and Shawn Rodeback, helps franchisees develop their businesses and meet their goals beyond the one-year mark. One of our most advanced and popular programs is Chem-Dry University, an online training program for technicians and local office staff members that allows them to sharpen their skills and knowledge through interactive games, tests and certifications. Chem-Dry University helps our franchisees minimize travel expenses and maximize education and business improvement in a distance learning format. Jotham Hatch, our training director, has a master’s degree in Instructional Design and carefully constructs our training efforts for our franchisees.

Besides the five-day initial training, the year of QuickStart-focused support and our ongoing operational support and distance learning,, we provide multiple in-person training events throughout the year. We hold regional mini-conventions, an annual franchisee convention at various venues across the world (locations have included Cancun, Las Vegas and Orlando) and other such events periodically throughout the year. With an eye on education, these events are also designed as a networking event for our franchisees. One of the best sources of information and best practices is our network of over 1,100 other franchisees. Our average franchisee has been in the system more than 10 years, and access to them and their experience is invaluable.

We take our obligations to our franchise owners seriously, and we do whatever it takes to ensure they succeed in their businesses.

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